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we are focused on transforming the real estate industry one step at a time


Who are we? 

We are real estate investors who own and manage residential and commercial portfolios around Texas. We have bought, managed, and sold hundreds of residential homes and dozens of commercial properties. 

How was Mitley born? 


One of our commercial tenants runs a very successful shop in one of our Amarillo buildings. Since he actively runs the business and is expanding really quickly (doubling revenue every 3 months and working with national distributors to sell his product country wide), he often forgets to mail us a check every month. As a result, he has paid us thousands in late fees. After asking us if we can charge his debit card automatically, we checked what the market offers. And we learned that there was nothing suitable for us. We found online providers that charge tons of money for services we don't need nor want. Instead of telling him that there is nothing out there, we created - Mitley Rent. After testing it with him and fixing all the bugs, we opened it up to any tenant or landlord in the country.

WAIT, there's more. 


Since we have bought and sold hundreds of properties, we can argue how important transparency is. We've worked with agents and have sold properties by ourselves. Each time - the benefit of selling by ourselves is that we reduce the amount of parties who you have to communicate with. This makes negotiating fun and interesting vs. having to go through someone else. Mitley Advertising  was created to showcase both off-market and on-market properties. We started it by offering the only service in the country that answers questions of interested parties before putting them in touch with the property owner, if they are ready for a tour or to negotiate. Mitley Advertising grew to offer a listing plan (Mitley Silver) for agents and property owners who want to take all the calls themselves.

Our motivation

We created Mitley to help the normal investor. To be honest, after working in various markets around Texas, we are tired of tenants "forgetting" to pay their rent, agents taking advantage of our listings, and brokers advising us without understanding how investors make money. Real estate is not easy and we are here to take a little stress out of your rent collection and sales.  

We are investors who are creating a toolbox for others to use