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Please note that all broker and real estate agents will receive a buyer's commission upon close.

Featured Commercial absolute NNN - $369,729

Single-Tenant leased building at 306 23rd Street in Canyon, Texas


NOI: $34,200

CAP = 9.25%

Tenant: 806Vapes, LLC

Absolute NNN as Mitley Rent processes rent payment and deposits it in Property Owner's account

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Former Gas station in Amarillo for sale ($259,000) or lease ($2,000/month + NNN)

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This property is a former gas station located right in the middle of one of the busiest areas of Amarillo. This is perfect for a new gas store operation, retail store, liquor store, smoke shop, used car lot, or barber shop.

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Absolute nnn office/warehouse at 2429 34th street in lubbock, tx - $315,000 (CAP = 9.52%)

Actual NOI: $30,000; sale/leaseback; terms are negotiable with the Seller